Imagine if your organisation was full of heroes. People who do what's right and what's necessary, even if it's beyond their normal duties. People who support each other to reach ever higher goals. People who are motivated to be the best that they can be.

Your organisation is already full of heroes. They just need to be reminded of the greatness within them. Awaken the heroes within with The Samurai Game®,a 2-day training programme designed to take participants beyond their comfort zones by simulating a life and death battle.

How will they show up in this intense battle? Often, they will surprise themselves with the greatness and heroics that they're capable of. Once they taste this greatness, they can never go back to who they were before.

And that's exactly what our participants have experienced after the Game. In a survey conducted 6-12 months after the training, our participants reported the following:

"It taught me how to keep a steady head under pressure. It also taught me that my small actions, mannerisms and habits do affect others around me (sometimes in a big way), allowing me to be more empathetic and aware of my colleagues interests."


"Due to the nature of the game, I find it easier to accept that some things are just out of my control, and can focus all efforts on things that are within my control."


"I loved The Samurai Game!! It gave me heaps of confidence. It taught me the simple yet unparalleled power of focus and dedication - You can do anything you set your mind to!"


"It's given me a renewed understanding on the level of integrity one can choose to have and practice, as well as open me up to approaching staff issues in a more positive and diplomatic way.?I have a greater sense of self pride and in turn value each individual in my team more and the company I work for, I protect loyally."


"Clarity and accountability, knowing that every choice I make creates an outcome that I have chosen."


"I find that I am more inspired and have greater determination when faced with obstacles. Also I find myself gaining a greater sense of self-motivation and are able to conduct periodic self-analysis. Even criticism from bosses seem less hurtful as I stop to reflect on the validity of their views before reacting instantly."


The Samurai Game® was created by George Leonard in 1977 to simulate a life and death battle that mimics the unfairness and unpredictability of the business world and life.

In this battle, the participants are asked to adopt an attitude of service that is at the core of being a Samurai - service to teammates (clan), service to leader (daimyo), service to code and values (bushido) and service to the opponent, by bringing out the best of self to every contest.

Stressed and out of their depth in an alien environment, how will participants re-act?

More often than not, participants will tap into the greatness that lies in them and step to take on impossible challenges and emerge as heroes. They discover that they can inspire just by doing what is right and to realise that they are capable of so much more than they ever thought possible.

About George Leonard

George Leonard (1923-2010), was a fifth degree black belt holder in Aikido, a World War II veteran, a pioneer in the field of human potential and the author of twelve books, including The Transformation, Education and Ecstasy, The Ultimate Athlete, and Mastery. During his seventeen years as senior editor for Look magazine, he won an unprecedented number of national awards for education writing.

The Samurai Game® has run since 1977. In 2000, George Leonard designated Lance Giroux, Managing Director of Allied RoninTM Leadership Training & Consulting as the sole facilitator training and certification representative for the simulation worldwide. There are currently 44 certified The Samurai Game® facilitators worldwide and the Game has touched hundreds of thousands around the globe.

Organisations that have experienced The Samurai Game® include

More information on Lance Giroux and Allied Ronin can be found at and

In 2011, Shaikh Shahnaz became the first Malaysian to be a certified The Samurai Game® facilitator and 95% ran its very first Samurai Game for a group of leaders from the advertising industry. It made such a great impact that Tony Savarimuthu, President of the 4As Malaysia who participated in the session, subsequently included The Samurai Game® as a key component in NEXT, a 4As training for advertising's next generation of leaders.

The Samurai Game® has subsequently been run privately for companies like FJ Benjamin,, Lowe Jakarta and EMKAY Group to great feedback.


The Samurai Game®'s appearance in renown magazines


  DAY 2

This is an intense day, with realisations and learnings to be gained in every step leading up to battle and in the battle itself.

Introducing concepts
Participants are introduced to concepts like G.R.A.C.E. and the Bushido code to prepare them for battle,

The rules of battle
The rules of the battle will be slowly revealed. And the participants are given a chance to practice the various challenges

The battle begins
After a last meal, participants go into battle.
Guided reflection
Participants will be guided to reflect on their experiences and how it relates to their work and personal life. They will have the opportunity listen to others perspectives,and therefore increasing each individual's learnings from the Game.

Standing your ground
Participants are introduced to the concept of "blending', learning how to handle obstacles by being true to their core vues without giving in to an automatic fight or flight response.

When run for companies, The Samurai Game also serves to strengthen team spirit as well as cultivate leadership in each individual. After all, comrades who have given their all to each other in battle will forge bonds that last beyond the game.

  If you have a company of between 20-80 pax, you can arrange to run The Samurai Game for your team. Call 03-2095 2995/1995 (Jon) or email her at: for more information on how to embark on this extraordinary journey to greatness together.


In 2011, Shahnaz became the first Malaysian and the 43rd in the world, to be certified as an official facilitator for The Samurai Game®, an intense challenge of self mastery created by George Leonard, a pioneer in the field of human potential.

Shahnaz was a Director at 95% until 2011, when he set out to set up The Ripple Effect. He continues to conduct trainings for 95% where he specialises in custom-designing Personal Growth, Communication & Interpersonal Skills training programmes for companies. He has trained in Malaysia as well as Indonesia, for companies like Auto Bavaria, Sushi Kin,Saujana Consolidated Berhad, Resorts World Berhad, Aplaus TheLifestyle, Lowe, Naga DDB, TBWA, Kenanga Investment Bank Berhad, INSAN, INTAN, Jabatan Hal Ehwal Wanita and University Malaya Specialist Centre. He has run The Samurai Game® for EMKAY Group Holdings Berhad, Time dotCom Bhd, FJ Benjamin and Lowe Jakarta.

This December, you will have the opportunity to experience The Samurai Game® for yourself. Details are as follows:

Date : 13-14 December 2012
Venue : To be confirmed

*Special discounts available for HR Managers. Please call for more information.
*Fee includes 1-night twin-share accommodation